How i survived a heart break. When soulmate becomes another EX.

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The story is of My most devastating Heart Break.

Him and I

Time stopped, when a year ago the love of my life , my so called soulmate said he couldn’t be with me anymore.I could not believe my ears. The pain was similar or even worst than a physical pain.All i was thinking was to die.The pain of losing someone who was in your everyday life is inevitable.

For weeks i called him and begged to stay , to meet to talk etc. But nothing seems to worked out.HE wasn’t the one who will leave me in the middle of nowhere. Dating him for 2 years i was happy like in seven heaven.Our relationship was perfect like too good to be true. We never fought or hardly twice a year.I was grateful that i got him.He was home to me.So imagine a person like that leave you in the middle of nowhere and breaks up over a phone call. He even did not find me worthy for face to face break up.

Nobody could help, neither my parents nor friends. Nobody understand what is wrong.All i could thought was HIM.Nothing could divert my mind.When forced to go on a trip , i wanted to come back so desperate to lock myself in a room and cry for hours.
My eyes and heart couldn’t believe, the man i was so i love with and he was also so deeply in love ,can decide to not stay with me out of blue.Everything was reminding me of him like our favorite eating places or how we fight over what to eat or had fun at the grocery store.Every single fucking thing reminded me of him. Every morning as soon as i woke up i used to get a good morning baby text from him,how we had fixed time to talk on phone, how he would come to pick me up for a ride, how we used to go to a mall and window whop together.

And our heart will never let us forget things that once made us happy

Months went, seasons changed, i was working 9 to 5. I got used to his absence. I got used to this loneliness. I had my single flat. I used to work and then come home in my little DEN. I love spending time with myself. Listening to music, cooking, dancing , putting a face-pack and reading books. But in a corner of my heart there was still a piece that was missing him badly. Woulds were healed but scar was there. A scar of BETRAYAL.

I stumble upon internet how to get over break up or how to get him back.That is when i found The Secret. It states about law of attraction.I read stories of people get back their exes with the help of Law of Attraction.A hope rose. I was happy. I read more about it everyday. I watched videos on youtube from different LIFE COACHES.

I practiced it day and night and hell yeah it worked.I realized what happened in the past are created by my thoughts as THOUGHTS CREATE THINGS.I always thought this kind of relationship is too good to be true and it happened. I changed my thoughts . Stayed positive . Began to feel happy around my people and let him go. And he came back like i imagined. I just let the UNIVERSE decide and it happened the very date i told universe. Believe me its hard at first but once you know it works you can do so much.It is just like LAW OF GRAVITY always works.

Although he came back but still there was commitment issues and also i left the idea of getting him back and enjoyed my life. I am now in a happy state. I know i can attract wonderful things just like i attracted my ex. I thought i will attract an even more perfect partner than my ex.

The story gave me strength and i became a new me. I am happy that it happened because i got to know about the most powerful LAW the law that changes reality.I am grateful .I have no worries now. I know UNIVERSE will deliver my perfect partner in divine timing.

I want all of you to get aware of this LAW.It truly works. Get all your desires. Just ASK,BELIEVE AND RECEIVE .

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Talk to the UNIVERSE directly. Law of attraction technique.

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So this technique is called TALK TO THE UNIVERSE. And it is as easy as it sounds.You just need to ask the universe directly . Talk to it . Believe its existence. Law of Attraction says let universe know your desires. When you speak your desire , you are transferring an positive vibration to the energy field.You vibe high. Just like talking to a friend . This friend is a GENIE. You can also ask about any advice or may be a question. And give universe a timeline to show a sign or a dream , anything you want.

I did this method various times to get a call from My love jit.I just shout sayin

Hey universe prove your existence. Surprise your child by giving her a call from jit.And BOOM it happens in 24 hours.

Wait for my next story about other techniques .Till then keep manifesting.


Convinced parents for Himachal trip for a month. Law of attraction success story#10

Hello my magical babies.

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Hey Universe

So today’s success story is about how i manifested My himachal trip with Law of Attraction.

So story started a month back i wanted to go to Himachal badly after seeing all pictures from the treks on instagram. But my parents said it is risky, you should not go alone and BLAH BLAH.I knew its safe and i wanted to do a solo trek.I knew that i can do it with Law of Attraction. So i just create thoughts like everything is working out for me. My parents are supportive and understanding. They are allowing me for this Himachal trip and it happened. I kept repeating this.Whenever a negative thought like whether i can go or not or BLAH BLAH came i changed it to saying Yeah everything is working out for me.And in just one week my father said when you wanna go, book your tickets now for cheap flights. And yay it happened i am going to stay for a month and explore Himachal next month. I am really happy.I will share pictures from my trip soon.

All i want to explain that create your reality by changing your thoughts. As you know thoughts create things.

All it took was to ask the universe.That’s it.Be grateful and manifest your reality.

Thank you Thank you Thank you . i will see you in next success story.

Manifested for a friend. Law of attraction success story #9.

Hello my magical babies.

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sky is the limit

So today’s success story is about how i manifested for a friend using Law of Attraction.

So one of my friend was going through hard times and there was a false police case upon him. Police took him and put him behind vars. His family was devastated . He lost all he has.Me and him were good friends. I mean we still are. But all i could to help him was , i asked the universe to help him get out of it.

Dear universe

Please help my friend (Harsh) get out of this mess and may peace be upon him and his family.Thank you Thank you Thank you. I intend he will clear all this case and get peace within himself.

After saying this for two days , i got the news that on friday he got bail.I was happy i thanked the UNIVERSE. He is now at peace and all matters has solved.

All it took was to ask the universe.That’s it.Be grateful and manifest your reality.

Thank you Thank you Thank you . i will see you in next success story.

Neville Goddard Method. Law of attraction tool.

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Oh sky ! you are listening ,aren’t you?

So today we gonna discuss about Neville Goddard way of manifesting our desire reality.

Neville Goddard says you have to do inner talks to manifest your desire.Law of Attraction is the game of thoughts. How we think inside affects our outer reality. So Neville Goddard says you have to create mental scenario where you will be doing something that you will do after your desires come true. For example you want to be slim and get your desired body so think most of the times in a day about how your aunt or husband or friend is complementing you ” wow ! you look sexy and your figure is so perfect ” kinda. Create this scenario in your mind playing again and again.

Neville Goddard the WORLD is a the reflection of our inner reality . So what you think inside will happen outside. Try this technique today and share your manifestation below.

I will see you in next blog . Till then keep manifesting.

Thank you !

The type of person I would love to date

Puspha Jeyapergasam

I know Law of Attraction is very powerful. I will get what I think. Well, I have put out some thoughts into the universe and I guess the universe has been responding to me in some manners. The universe has been showing me some type of men for me to select. From tall and handsome man; short and fair man; dark and ugly man; single men; married man to old men. Unfortunately, I am still unable to manifest my perfect true lover. I think the reason for this is I’m unable to focus my thoughts into one direction that is I want to be married and settle down and have a fantastic married life.

For some weird reasons, I have fear that I might be making huge mistake by marrying a wrong person. That I don’t know if this is the right person that I should be pursuing my relationship…

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Law of attraction – Week 2

La Vie de Uvee


“Life sucks when you’re getting hit from every direction with bills, clients, kids, debt, people using you, friends turning their backs, hunger, family not being supportive, work, plans failing one after another, relationships issues

Now you’ve found yourself overwhelmed, stressed out, and having major anxiety.

Remember this:

Stop, breathe, prioritize and execute.

Become familiar with compartmentalizations.

Attack the most immediate threat to your life and goals first.

Then one by one in order of immediate and biggest threat attack it. Then move on to the next.

Take control of your life and situations by attacking one by one. Create stability and security.

Only then can you reevaluate and create/focus on long term goals without the stress and anxiety”

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